PET 10050

Short Description:

Standard width : 100mm- 1700mm
(warp) : PP1000D
( weft) : PET φ0.50mm
(thickness) : 0.95mm 土5%
(weight) : 560g/m? 土5%
(strength) : (warp)≥2800N/5*20CM
(elongation) : (warp)≤70/ (weft)≤45

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product purpose

It's mainly used for tyre tread、sidewall、carcass and inner liner very well.

Product feature

The product with the advantages of high sifness, ageing resistance, high strenth on the longitudinal and transverse direction, hardness of transverse direction is higher, not easy to folding and defroming, strong wear resistance、 excellent is latinand can be reused for above 3200 times.

Product process

it's plain wove by high strengh PP mliament and PET mono flament, then singeing to clear away the btting and impurities of the surface, at last fnished with high temperature setting treatment.

Product details


Raw materials

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