Polymer placemat

Short Description:

Standard width: 100mm- 1700mm
warp : PA250D
weft : PA250D
Thickness : 0.5mm土5%
Weight : 412g/mf 土5%
Strength :warp≥1081N/5*20CM
Elongation :warp≤44.7

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product purpose

It’ s mainly used in the inner liner.

Product feature

The liner has excellent insulation so easy release of the rubber without deformation、 reduce wastage、 meanwhile conserves the original viscosity and freshness of the rubber ,easily simlifying manufacturing technique and long service life, the color is orange to distinguish.

Product process

It's melting together with PE and nylon 66 gridding fabric through high heat pressing and melting compound and then finished by heat setting treatment.

Raw materials

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