Corrugation 8505

Short Description:

Standard width: 100mm-1700mm
(warp) : PP850D
(weft) : PET φO.50mm
( Thickness) : 1.0mm 士5%
(Weight) : 510g/m2 土5%
(Strength) :经纱( warp)≥3600N/5*20CM
( Elongation):经纱(warp)≤40

Product Detail

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Product purpose

It is mainly used in inner liner、tread、carcass.

Product feature

The liner's advantage are high stiffness, not easy folding and deformation on the using process、good maintain freshness、anti-slip、 strong wear resistance and excellent insulation. color is blue to play a role in resistant to dirt and distinguish, it can be reused above 3300 times.

Product process

It's plain woven with high strength polyester 50 mono- filament and imported folding filament, then singeing to clear away the batting and impurities, at last high-heat setting.

Product details

The third kind product is also our star product, it is called corrugation 8505,before it is very difficult to reaserch its monofilament ,we devote a lot of manpower and resoures to develope this product!
It is plain woven with high strenth polyester 50 monofilament and imported folding filament
And singeing to clear away the batting and impuritires, at last high heat setting treatment!
The lines advantage are high stiffness,not easy to fold and deformation on the using process,good maintain freshness anti-slip ,strong wear resistance and excellent insulation,color is bule to play a role in ressitant to dirt and distinguish,it can be reused above 3300 times!
It is mainly used in liner liner ,tread ,carcass!
This product has been reconized highly by so many big tire enterprizes,for example,brigstone ,cooper ,double star, and so on !

Raw materials

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